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Returning Spankee – Abigail Allen

Spankeefinder welcomes back Abigail Allen to the Spankee listings. Abi can either welcome you at a venue in the Walsall area of Birmingham or is willing to travel to your own venue, within the Birmingham area. After a warming up with a firm hand, you are invited to administer a range of implements. In her own words, Abi is the ‘naughtiest’ and knows she needs to be made to behave. Gentlemen what more of an… Read More »Returning Spankee – Abigail Allen

New Party in Birmingham – 16th July

Decadence Parties have been going for a while in Birmingham, organised by Spankeefinder listed Jessica. The Summer Beach themed party will be on Saturday 16th July, with appropriate beachwear/bikinis worn by the ladies. Jessica will be joined by Ellarna and Lucy Jones . There will be plenty of spanking action leading inevitably to the ladies obediently bending over to receive firm strokes of the cane on their already glowing bottoms. For those so inclined, there… Read More »New Party in Birmingham – 16th July

It’s Party Time – Stinging Tails – 18th June

The next Stinging Tails party is being held in Birmingham. As usual it is hosted by Spankeefinder listed Danielle, who along with Emma will be dressed in stockings and suspenders. There will be the usual riotous fun, with both ladies taking their punishment with enthusiasm. For further details go to the Stinging Tails website.

New Escort – Tara Jones

New to Spankeefinder is the escort Tara Jones. Tara offers a full range of role play, complete with a selection of uniforms. She can be a very naughty and deserve a firm hand spanking, or further punishment with a flogger, slipper, tawse, paddle (leather and wooden), or cane. Full personal services are available.

It’s Party Time – Bottoms Up – 30th June

NOTE this Bottoms Up party has been moved to 30th June, and has an ‘anyone for tennis’ theme, with the ladies in tennis shorts and dresses. The party gets off to a flying start with party organiser Leia, taking a six-of-the-best caning from each of the gentlemen present. Thereafter the party follows the usual format of mini 1to1 sessions with each of the ladies. Half way through the afternoon a superb buffet will be served.… Read More »It’s Party Time – Bottoms Up – 30th June

It’s Party Time – 2Kings – May 17th

This is a Switch Party (be warned) with the theme of “Ladies in Negligees.” (Well at least to start with!). This will be MIKE and MELISSA’S joint birthday (spanking party), the full line-up will be announced later as it develops but will certainly include Maxine, Spanky Jo, Karen W, and Rebecca, (who will also be your hostess for the evening). We now know that Jadie is joining the party, so things are certainly looking like… Read More »It’s Party Time – 2Kings – May 17th

It’s Party Time – Bottoms Up – 19th May

Gentlemen for your delight and pleasure the next Bottoms Up party is on Thursday 19th May. Party host Leia is joined by Spakeefinder listed Carrie, together with a full line up of lovely ladies, Maxine, Donna (petite, but oh such fun!), Jenny Red (welcome back!), and Nikita. The uniform will be white shirts, pleated skirts, socks, and regulation nickers. Bottoms Up parties start in a quite unique manner, with party host Leia taking a cold… Read More »It’s Party Time – Bottoms Up – 19th May

Spankee Sugar has added new image to profile

London based spankee Sugar has added a new image to her profile. Spankeefinder do not normally feature images of cane marks, but have made an exception for the lovely Sugar, as in her own words “a session is not really over unless I get to feel the cane”. Sugar has a lovely personality, and very popular in the London spanking scene. As for the new image, the Roving Spanker can personally attest to Sugar’s willingness… Read More »Spankee Sugar has added new image to profile

New Spankee – Mila

Mila is the latest spankee to join the Spankeefinder listings. This very attractive spankee hails from Glasgow and Edinburgh, and has an established caree in making videos and other BDSM activities. Occasionally, Mila ventures South to London or Kent, so Southern genlemen do not need to feel totally left out. Mila offers a full range of spanking services, and is not shy about presenting her bare bottom to receive whatever Sir decides.

New Escort – Catherine Schneider

Welcome to Catherine Schneider who visits London as well as other exotic destinations. Catherine says she will take a spanking with hands, paddle, crop, whip, flogger, or hairbrush. There is also a range of BDSM services on offer.