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It’s Party Time – Bottoms Up – 19th May

Gentlemen for your delight and pleasure the next Bottoms Up party is on Thursday 19th May. Party host Leia is joined by Spakeefinder listed Carrie, together with a full line up of lovely ladies, Maxine, Donna (petite, but oh such fun!), Jenny Red (welcome back!), and Nikita. The uniform will be white shirts, pleated skirts, socks, and regulation nickers.

Bottoms Up parties start in a quite unique manner, with party host Leia taking a cold caning from each of the gentlemen. Yes, that’s a full six-of-the-best from all the gentlemen. Thereafter the party will follow the format that each gentleman has a personal 1to1 session with each of the ladies. Half way through the afternoon there is a quality buffet, and then to round off proceedings, the ladies dutifully bend over to receive six strokes of the cane from all the gentlemen.

There you are gentlemen, a chance to spank, strap, and cane six delightful ladies, as well as enjoy a drink with your fellow spankers. For further information go to the Bottoms Up website.