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How to join Spankeefinder

Get a Free listing on spankeefinder

Spankeefinder is an absolutely free web site set up for the benefit of the UK spanking community.

If you already have your own website read on. If you don’t have a website click Here

If you would like us to create a link to your own website, we would be happy to do so, subject to one condition. It is essential that your own website states that you offer spanking services, and that in addition to hand spanking, you will accept implements (such as straps or paddles). You don’t have to accept canes, although most Spankees do.  Just email with the address of your web site, and leave the rest to us.

If you don’t have your own wesite read from here:

If you do not have a web site, we can create a web page for you in Spankeefinder.  Again, this is a free service.  Here is a sample of one of our web pages:

To have a similar page, email Peter at with some suitable wording and a picture or two (or three).  Before the page appears on Spankeefinder you will get to see your page to check and approve the content.  Remember, the pictures do not need to show your face, it is entirely up to you. The wording should include that in addition to hand spanking, you will accept implements (such as straps or paddles). You don’t have to take canes if you would prefer not, but most spankees and escorts do.

If you ever want to remove your webpage, just email  Deletions usually take a few days, but, do bear in mind that web pages can remain in the caches of search engines for a week or so.  Spankeefinder is not able to delete all these caches.

Also, if you wish to change the content of your web page Peter will do it as soon as possible.  However, he does have a full time occupation, and alterations can take a few days. Peter also takes holidays, so any changes requested while away will be dealt with upon his return!

When sending us your suggested tex for the web page, remember to include either a contact phone number or email address for clients.  It ios perfectly OK to have both. Also, say in what part of the country you are available.

Remember that we will produce you a webpage in a standard format. If you wish to have something more personalised then you will need to find someone who can design a website (or do your own in Blogger, WordPress, or Wix, for example) .

Note that Spankeefinder is for female spankees and escorts.  Spankees and escorts who switch and spank their clients are also listed on Spankeefinder.  Sorry, but we do not list ladies who only offer a domme service.  We also do not list male spankees or TVs etc.   Please be assured that we are not prejudiced against these or any other orientations, it is simply that Spankeefinder fills a particular niche and there are plenty of other excellent web sites for these interests.

Unacceptable wording and pictures

To avoid any potential legal problems we do not include any of the following on Spankeefinder designed web pages (If you have your own website there are no restrictions)

  • References to underage spanking role play such as little girls, age play or schoolgirls.
  • Pictures of the above.
  • Pictures that show any significant marks due to spanking. A red bottom is fine!
  • Pictures of spanking actually taking place.

Please avoid sending any content which includes any of the above, as it will only be edited out.

Why should you join Spankeefinder?

Because you will generate many new contacts.  Feedback from spankees indicates that these contacts are mostly from safe, polite men.

Spankeefinder is visited over 600 times a day.  When a new girl is listed, her web page receives initially around 200 visits a day.  But this settles to around 20 a day after a week or so.  This high volume of visitors, does generate many new contacts.  Indeed, some girls are overwhelmed with contacts when they are first listed.  But, there is no need for concern as the number of contacts soon drops to a more manageable rate.  It is only natural that we spankers are interested in the new girl on the scene!

When spankees or escorts are first listed, there can be calls or emails from ‘time-wasters’. These people feed on attention, just ignore them and they soon move on.

So, email Peter at now for more information.