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Bottoms Up Party – 18th July

The iconic ‘tennis girl’ image from 1976 seems just right to announce the next Bottoms Up party on the 18th. ‘Anyone for tennis?’ will mean plenty of white skirts and shorts as theme for this upcoming party. In the line up of ladies for this event is party organiser, and Spankeefinder listed, Leia, listed Katarina, listed Melissa, soon to be listed Donna, together with Maxine, and entrely new to Bottoms Up, Angie, who is a highly accomplished spankee and switch. With six ladies to choose from there will be plenty of opportunity to pull down crisp white panties, and administer some spanking, with hand and implements. Now if you happen to be a genlemen who likes to switch, this is probably one of the best selection of lady switches in the spanking scene. Switching is entirely optional, and takes place at the end of the party. Email for more information or to book a place.