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It’s Party Time – 2Kings – 25th October

“Goth Girls at Halloween”. It is Jess‘s birthday about now and she will be hostessing this party in her own style to amaze, entertain and get spanked by all and sundry, before adopting her more dominant role for those who chose to cross her evil spirit! Alongside Spankeefinder listed Jess and Katarina, will be the renowned Jadie with others to be announced. With a Goth dress theme and birthday magic in the air this could… Read More »It’s Party Time – 2Kings – 25th October

It’s Party Time – Bottoms Up – 13th October

There are just three places available a the forthcoming Bottoms Up party. The theme is the Oktoberfest, the season in Bavaria when a lot of fun takes place. Looking at the picture above the ladies will certainly be dressing up to the theme. Ladies attending will be Spankeefinder listed and party host Leia, together with Donna, Katharina, Lolani, Nikita and Maxine. At the Bottoms Up parties gentlemen have mini 1to1 sessions with each of the… Read More »It’s Party Time – Bottoms Up – 13th October

It’s Party Time – 2Kings – Sept 8th

A whole Summer without a spanking party, and then along come two on the same day! Doyen of the spanking party scene, Mike Dyer, has a naughty nurses theme to the next 2Kings party. These nurses owe more to Carry on Nurse than to the NHS with their short skirts, inappropriate knickers, and too tight blouses they are the blight of every matron, and need severe old-fashioned discipline to those rosy cheeks they display so… Read More »It’s Party Time – 2Kings – Sept 8th

It’s Party Time – Bottoms Up – Sept 8th

It’s the start of a new term and the students are in need of some discipline after a summer of wild living. The line up of ladies at this party includes Spankeefinder listed Leia and Carrie, together with Lucy Jones, Donna, Rebecca, and Emma Christie. Bottoms Up is a mainstay of the London party scene and welcomes both experienced and new gentlemen spankers. Not been to a spanking party yet? Now is the chance to… Read More »It’s Party Time – Bottoms Up – Sept 8th

New Escort – Romy

A new addition to the Spankeefinder Escort listings is Romy, a lifestyle submissive with a taste for kink and a love of all things to do with role play. In her own words “I need a strong and leading hand to bring me into line.” Well gentlemen don’t keep the lady waiting! Preferring to start with a spanking, Romy can take all implements once her perfectly round bottom is warm and blushing.

New Spankee – Winona

Spankeefinder welcomes Winona to the Spakee listings. In her own words – “I love nothing more than getting a sound spanking on my round bare bum.” Well that’s clear enough! Winona is available in the London area, and is interested in all things submissive.

It’s Party Time – Stinging Tails – 23rd July

It is an end-of-term theme for the next Stinging Tails Party. Ladies in attendance are Spankeefinder listed Danielle, with Jessica, and Frankie. The ladies will be in regulation student uniform of pleated skirts and white blouses. Party host Danielle says she and the other ladies have been particularly badly behaved, and you are invited to administer appropriate punishment. For further details go to the website.

It’s Party Time – Bottoms Up – 21st July

It is a Summer Garden Party theme for the next Bottoms Up party. Ladies in attendance will be Spankeefinder listed, and party host, Leia, Spankeefinder listed Katharina, together with Jessica Rabbit, Melissa, and Donna. In an atmosphere of a summer garden party (think Wimbledon and Henley!) there will be floaty dresses, the gentle tinkle of glasses brimming with Pims, all to a background sound of firm hands and leather being applied to unclad bottoms. As… Read More »It’s Party Time – Bottoms Up – 21st July

It’s Party Time – 2Kings – 20th July

This party has a Beach Babe theme, with beachwear ranging from sun dresses, swimwear, or even less! Ladies attending will be Jess Cane, Rebecca May, Emma Christie, and Maxine, with more to come. After a pre-lunch round of spanking, 2Kings parties are freewheeling and unstructured, with as much spanking action as you could want. Implements abound, and there are plenty of willing bottoms. For more details go to the website.

New Spankee – Scylla

For those of you who are Eurostar regulars to Paris, a very attractive Spankee is ready to provide a highlight to your trip. Spankee Scylla is a musician, artist and photographic model, and is willing to be disciplined with hand or implements of your choice.