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Deserves to be spanked and disciplined for her tricks and mischief

Hi there!
Iā€™m Fawn, a playful, coquettish, little nymph who deserves to be pinned down, spanked, and disciplined for her tricks and mischief šŸ˜‰

This sprite is eager to please, experimental, and endlessly curious. With a strong submissive streak, I can be your brat, or your doting, obedient, blushing fairy.

Delicate and ready for you to spank me pink (and red!) with everything you’ve got. Being bent over the knee for a bare-handed spanking will melt any bratty behaviour. Or if you prefer to use toys, crops and paddles are particular favourites of mine

At just 5ā€2, I am a petite brunette with short, pixie hair, bright eyes and long lashes, who blushes far too easily.

I enjoy roleplaying, dirty talk, playing dress-up, and being genuine and spontaneous with our desires.

Let’s bring our fantasies to life Xxx

If you want to play, message me on +447516649314 or
I’m also on AW at:Ā



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