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“I get intense satisfaction being spanked”

Hello Sirs, Madams and Mx,

My name is Bunnie and I’m a spanking enthusiast and switch.
I’m a professional model who works very regularly as a spanking performer. My spanking work can be seen on various websites (sometimes performing as Helen Stephens) such as Firm Hand, Sarah Gregory, Triple A Spanking, Well Smacked Seat (Elsa Svenson), Sarah Stern and others. 

I’m 5’5” with a slim and toned physique. I’m a UK size 6, so very petite – however, whilst I’m slim, I am curvy where it matters – on my bottom! I have long, dark-blonde hair and a clear complexion with big blue eyes. 

My bottom marks incredibly well too! 

I’m a genuine sadomasochist, so I get an intense sense of satisfaction being spanked. My masochistic side begs me to please tops/dominants and I thoroughly enjoy being spanked OTK as well as being spanked with various implements, including caning. However, I only will consider caning with experienced tops (if you’re not, don’t worry, I’m happy to teach you) 

And for those of you who may switch or wish to bottom for me, my sadistic side will creep out and I will take delight in being the top!

I do have a nice selection of my own spanking implements, but if there’s something you particularly enjoy using, I’d be happy to consider it. 

Additionally, I love acting and dressing up, so I’m very comfortable doing many different roleplay scenarios, if that’s your thing. I personally really enjoy office-based scenarios, but I’m excited to hear your ideas too! As a professional art nude model, I’m incredibly relaxed with nudity – so long as you remain respectful to my boundaries. 

For foot fetishists; my feet are a UK size 5 and I very much enjoy my feet being attended to by both dominants and submissives alike. Having my feet admired, kissed, licked and (very gently!) nibbled is a huge turn on for me. I’m very ticklish too – so I’ll probably will giggle and wriggle around a bit! I tend not to wear toenail polish, but do let me know if there is a colour you prefer. 

I’m based in Portsmouth, Hampshire – but each month I can also be available in the Midlands (I have a base in Stafford). Coincidentally, I work in London and Woking regularly and can be booked there… or FMTY! I’m very regularly booked for photo shoots and sessions around the UK and abroad, so travelling is not a problem for me. 

I’m friendly, welcoming and chatty. I’ve been doing this for years, so please don’t be shy if this is new to you. And remember, I’m very kinky too, both in my personal and professional life – so you definitely won’t be judged by me! 

I’m very happy to be booked for one-off and for regular arrangements alike. Many of my clients like to book me multiple times so we can develop a lovely, comfortable play relationship over time. I’ve been playing with some of my regulars for years now and many have become wonderful companions. 

I will only respond to polite, thoughtful and professionally-worded emails. All genders welcome and I’m LGBTQ+ friendly. Strictly over-the-age of 21 years only, if you look young, I will require to see ID. Go ahead email me at

I look forward to playing with you!

Love, Bunnie x

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