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Veda Rose

Red bums are what brats like me crave most


My name is Naveda Rose (Veda for short) and I am a curvy, tattooed, and bratty kinkster with a flair for the dramatic and giggles for days!

I'm short at 5'2" and what I love most is being taken over a knee and giving a nice long spanking!  Red bums are, after all, what brats crave most.

Be it a strong hand or other implements, I do tend to giggle when smacked which lends itself well to many role play scenarios or even just a nice, laid-back spanking we can both enjoy.

I'm also a bit of a switch, so you may well see me on other sites with the paddle in the other hand ;)  Don't let that scare you off though, I adore a good bit of impact play!

I'm a bit of an artist and have been doing modeling, fetish art, and creating clips and other content for a good long while now.  But these days I'm enjoying my time in the dungeon more and more!

Right now I've mainly been doing doubles with my main lovely lady in a city centre dungeon so if it's two bums your after or you would enjoy a bit of help sorting me out, send me a message because we can absolutely make that happen!

We're also willing to travel if the circumstances all work out.

I am based in Glasgow.

So what are you waiting for?  Send me an email at: and let's have some fun!

Veda xx


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