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Tracy Nuisance

I am no angel

Hello Gentlemen,

My name is Tracy and I was often called 'Tracy Nuisance' at school for asking too many questions.  The only teachers in my school that did not allow me to do this were, my art teacher, violin teacher and R.E teacher.  As you can imagine I made the other teachers lives as miserable as possible and got into a lot of trouble for it!  I would then be punished by various means...

I am an appreciator of the fine arts, fine punishments and prefer likeminded gentlemen who are willing to take as well as give.  After all 'it blesses him that gives than him that takes'.

I am in London.  If you find my profile and bottom appealing, please feel free to make contact...

Phone - 07939 484 528 (no withheld numbers please).
Email -

Respectfully yours


P.S. Don't forget to oil your wings...

Please note that I do not offer any sexual services.

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