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There nothing I desire more than serving my master


I am Tinx, a pro submissive,

There nothing I desire more than serving my master whether it's kneeling at your feet, or maybe even being made to pick out the implement of your choice for my taming, be it cane, whip, or flogger.  Rest assured I will do all in my power to please you.

I look a pretty little picture in my bespoke latex maids outfit and my kitten ears.  Have me stand for inspection, as you run your hands over the gorgeous shiny rubber.  I love the feeling of fingers tracing over my latex clad body.  See the adoration in my eyes as I eagerly await your next instruction, knowing how excited it makes me to do your biding.  Tell me I'm your 'good girl' when I please you: this gives me a gooey feeling inside and I will only want to do more for you.  I love to please.

I can be the sexy shy secretary, corruptible, sweet and innocent, waiting for you to put me over the desk and administer a firm spanking whilst I wiggle and beg for you to stop in protest.  Run your hands up and down my stocking clad legs to the edge of my panties where you will really feel how much I enjoyed it.  Whisper in my ear.  Call me your dirty little whore. Tell me that this would be our dirty little secret.  Punish me when I'm being clumsy, dropping things or not meeting deadlines.  Show me what it is to be corrected.  Take me over your knee and watch my round ass jiggle delightfully as I squeal at the roughness of your hands feeling your fingers dig into my soft flesh.  Bruise me and feel me submit to the you see my evident arousal drip down my thigh...

I am both a kitten and a puppy.  A bouncing ball of fun and energy along with the affectionate notions of a kitty, complete with ears and a long fluffy tail.  I like to be stroked and petted.  I play fetch, although sometimes I get carried away.  I've been known to hide shoes, to prevent you from leaving the poor kitty all alone.  I want nothing more than to lounge in your company and take whatever you decide to offer me. Take me by the lead and bend me over the cage for getting up on the bed without being invited.  After all, pets aren't allowed on the furniture are they?

Hear me gasp in delight as the pitter patter of wax graces my body in pretty patterns. Listen as I pant in pleasure, and squeal at the sensation.  This pet is eager to learn what pleases her Master.  Let me be your good kitten.  Let me curl in your lap and purr into oblivion, set me in a cage, stroke my long luxurious tail. Tug it just a little, and observe my moaning and wiggling.

I can be feisty, I have spirit and love to put up a bit of a fight.  I hunger to be manhandled into submission.  Take me.  Tame me and make me yours. Take me in hand and make me your purring mewling quivering wreck.  Let me feel your power over me, with the feel of cold leather cuffs around my wrists and ankles.  Watch me shake in barely suppressed excitement as you tie me down, incapacitate me.  Make me submit.  Cane me, flog me, and whip me until I am stilled. I will struggle in earnest until I am spent.  The result will be all the sweeter if you enjoy taking a fully spirited primal submissive and moulding her into your willing little slut.

I am based in Auckland and offer private sessions at public dungeons or hotels.  To discuss the session and the fees, email me -

A non refundable deposit of 50 is required on booking a session to ward off time wasters.  I will of course refund the deposit in the unlikely event that I have to cancel.









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