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Foreign student needs discipline


I am Tella, a 20 years old university student from Estonia who came to the UK for her summer holidays.

I wasn't punished for all my naughtiness when I was abroad.  I hope I will find someone who will put me across their knee for a good sound hand spanking.  After a good warm up, when my spankable bottom get a nice red colour, I will be ready for implements to really make me sorry for my bad behaviour!

I love role-play, especially when I am a lazy student. I also like to wear sexy lingerie.

Alternatively, you can go across my knee and get a sound spanking.  I will take care of your bottom and make sure that it is very sore after the session.

I have a huge variety of implements to choose from such as hairbrush, belt, floggers, paddles, etc.

I do my sessions at a professional facility just North of Birmingham and occasionally I visit in London.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

I don't offer any sexual services.

For more details please email me at 

Tella x




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