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Foreign student needs discipline


My name is Tella. I am a student in my early 20's.  I come to the UK for my summer holidays and to find caring gentlemen who would love to put me over their knee for a good spanking, to help fund my studies.

I am slender (size 8) but with pleasing curves and little perky breasts.  My bottom is bubbly and it is just asking for smacking!  I am quite tall (5'6/168) so you will be enjoying a view of my long sexy legs.

I have a huge variety of implements such as leather paddles, belts, floggers and so on.  My favourite spankings are OTK with hand or flogging on my little bottom and back.  If I am really naughty and don't learn my lesson, I may take 6 medium strokes with the cane.  Whilst I am learning my lesson you will be enjoying a wonderful view as my soft bottom especially as my skin gets a lovely shade red very quickly.

I also switch.  I love putting naughty boys or girls over my knee for a good hand spanking followed by implements.

I do role play as well. I have lots of clothes such as maid costume, lots of dresses, sexy lingerie or I can be your sassy daughter or a student and my youthfullness will make everything more realistic!  Alternatively, we could leave some intrigue and I will choose my clothing.  I am quite girly and I love wearing dresses so in any way I will be dressed nicely to please you.

I am looking for gentlemen who will give me a firm but fair spanking.  I am not interested in sadistic beatings.

I'm currently near Barnstaple, North Devon, although occasionally I may visit London and the Midlands.

I can't wait to meet you. Please email me at or telephone 07754 447993. Withheld numbers will not be answered and please note this number is for quick queries and booking sessions. I do not offer telephone chat sessions.

Please note that I do not offer any sexual services.

Tella x

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