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I am Suzi and am of Indian extraction, height   5' 1, slim  build with short black/brown hair.

I'm going to be honest with you straight up. I need your help. The trouble is simple I am a very naughty girl who cannot mend her ways. I have tried believe me.  I know though that with strict discipline I can be a good girl for a little while. Older men 60+ preferred.  You will know what to do with me but I have a few fantasies we might try together;

I have to stand in front of you naked while being scolded and disciplined. I am made to bend over, touch my toes and have my bottom caned.  I am put over your knee and spanked with a slipper.  I have to kneel beneath you my hands tied to my feet behind me.  I am bound so I cannot move and must submit to what ever you do to me.  Let your desire rule, the only limit is your imagination.

I engage strictly in fun role play and all punishments must be light.  I do not offer any heavy bdsm.  I can be scolded very thoroughly and humiliated by what you say to me.  I can be undressed by a Master to emphasise your control of me. I can be tied up, wrists, feet, arms bound to side, wrists tied above my head, bound so I cannot move. Or tied stretched over a chair or any other bondage you may wish to implement on my body. I can be bound tight and tickled with a feather tickle the soles of my feet and I will be begging for mercy. I will accept whatever instrument you wish to use on me for corporal punishment providing it is agreed before hand. Corporal Punishment might normally be to my bottom, however I also take punishment to the soles of my feet, tummy, thighs, back, breasts and other parts of my body by prior agreement.

Note: I do not offer sex.

I live in Ealing Borough in West London with easy reach from major roads. My phone number is 07500 932 899.

All sessions must be booked in advance and I am available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings with other days and times by arrangement. I can be contacted by text any time and receive phone calls from 14.00 weekdays and any time weekends I can be emailed any time and I will respond quickly

I expect sessions to normally be one hour but will accommodate longer if my Master requires. I am a new girl needing to be taught how to please her Master so fees will be flexible for our first meeting.

Suzi xx

ps... my secret dreams are of having my body arranged by my Master, of being bound unable to move and subject to whatever is done to me. Let your desire rule and make me fulfill your fantasy, the only limit is your imagination.

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