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Naughty Selene

Iím a very cheeky girl

Hello there

I am a very cheeky girl who enjoys pushing boundaries and goading Sir.

I am often found in nylon stockings and suspenders which I flash at anyone fortunate enough to be looking my way.

I am sure to take any opportunity that may arise for me to bend over and allow my skirt to reveal the base of my fleshy bottom. There have been several complaints from the school and neighbours about my behaviour but I doubt anyone can make me change my disobedient ways.

I love a good hand spanking, naughty discussions, role play and sitting on Sirís knee but most of all I love to have my bottom rubbed and massaged.

I use my educated charm and whit to persuade Sir that I do not deserve any punishment further than a hand spanking.

Note that I do not offer any personal services.

I am based in Eccles, Manchester

To see me in all my mischieviousness please summon me by phone: 07907 622890 Or email: 

Selene xx




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