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Rachel Hunter

I will turn your naughty fantasies into reality

Hello Sir,

My name is Rachel Hunter and I am in the business of turning your naughty fantasies into reality. 

I am a 25 year old submissive escort/switch based in Central London in a beautifully equipped, atmospheric and discreet location.  My USP is offering the ultimate, bespoke, sensual, submissive service. Letís play!

Many girls describe themselves as the quintessential English Rose, but Iím the real deal.  Clients tell me Iím genuinely gorgeous, with long naturally blond hair and a sensuous, sexy body.  I am 5í 7Ē with petite, perky breasts (32B), tantalising legs and  my most fabulous asset...a pert, peachy young bottom which positively begs for my masterís firm hand to administer discipline.

I am very adept at role play whether as a classic naughty student, a slovenly maid or sloppy secretary (or whatever takes your fancy) who needs to be controlled, dominated and punished.

As I am ordered over your lap, I feel my cheeks glowing red, tender to the touch as you spank my naughty young bottom as I writhe under your expert hands. Perhaps a spanking is insufficient to cure my disobedience and I need to feel the harsh kiss of the cane or the strap caressing my exquisitely punished rear.  Perhaps I need to be restrained for your pleasure.

I have a full range of BDSM equipment including a spanking bench and a wide selection of toys, ropes cuffs and other unmentionable paraphernalia to inspire you and deal with the miscreant that is Rachel!.

You will find me creative and enthusiastic as I yield to your desires.  As we continue to  indulge ourselves, you will find me lively and engaging with a sassy sense of humour.  If you like cute, kinky and seductive young girls who need correction, we are destined to meet. 

Equally, if you have transgressed and need the firm smack of discipline yourself, I am eager to teach you a lesson.

I am open and approachable, so please  email me at or phone 07555149077  with a brief intro to yourself, what mischief you propose, the length of the session.  I work every Wednesday. As I offer a bespoke service and every session is unique, we can then discuss the fee which starts at £200 per hour.

Letís start our adventure and unleash our imaginationsÖ..a sublime hedonistic experience awaits.

Rachel xx



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