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Molly Malone

Ready to start my English Spanking Adventure

Hello there,

You may not know me, so Ill introduce myself.  I am Molly, a genuine spanking enthusiast.  I am 26 years old , tall, slim, bubbly and warm.  Im a bit of a chatterbox, but there are a few sure-fire ways of silencing me!

I have been thoroughly spoilt over the last few years, since I discovered the spanking scene.  I have been lucky enough to indulge in plenty of play, parties and films.  Funny thing is. no matter how much discipline I receive, that naughtiness always seems to creep back in.  It seems my predilection for punishment is insatiable!

I enjoy submitting my round peachy bottom for punishment in any role.  Submissive secretary, cheating wife, caught criminal, messy maid or petulant princess.... let your imagination run wild; if there is a spanking scenario that floats your boat, let me know and we can make it happen.  I have a vast wardrobe collection and a particular love of vintage underwear and retro clothes.

I am a keen switch, and enjoy taking a miscreant over my knee for a sound handspanking, followed by a good strapping and caning if there is still no remorse!  I am a versatile Top, enjoying the strict and severe role as much as the firm but fair.  I am also happy to indulge in role-play free sessions, whereby we simply enjoy the thrills of spanking, perhaps over a good glass of wine and decent conversation.  Sessions with me can be fun and light-hearted, sensuous and serene, exciting and enlivening.

I also offer spanking workshops, couple's sessions and 221's (and even 321's, 421's and 521's!).

I use a beautiful venue in Woking, Surrey.  It is a large detached Victorian house, set in acre of land. It is extremely well equipped with an array of canes, straps, belts, paddles, floggers, crops, tawses, hairbrushes etc.  There is plenty of driveway parking, or if you are coming by public transport, it is a short distance from Woking Station.  We are welcome to play outside in the secluded gardens, in a large, spacious upstairs bedroom complete with school furniture, or in the opulent, sumptuous downstairs sitting room and dining room, complete with log fire and chaise longues.

Central London sessions are available upon request and subject to availability.

If youd like to discuss a session, please email me at 

Please note that I do not offer sexual services.

I look forward to meeting you!









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