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Beatrix Have - Miss Bea Have

 When Iím in this petulant mood, I need the strict hand

Why, Hello there!

How charming to meet you.  I go by the names of Beatrix Have or Miss Bea Have!  And when Iím in this petulant mood, I need the strict hand of discipline to mend my wily ways, with a good old fashioned over the knee spanking (not like I enjoy it or anything mind!).

Iím 5ft 6inches in stature, with blue eyes, short blonde hair and a slim, well-toned physique.  My peachy bottom is round and Ďperfectlyí spankable, Iíve been told.

I have a fondness for dressing up, and am rather partial to silk and rubber.  I also love uniforms, so if want me to be a secretary, police woman, or some other role, Iím sure we can rustle something up to please us both.

I live in London and am available for 121ís.  Please contact me at

I do not offer sexual services of any kind, (not even a little teeny-tiny bit just this once), so please donít ask.

One wouldnít want the dark side of my personality turning the tables and punishing you instead, or would we?

So if you feel like you fancy a get together, get in contact and weíll see can see what we can arrange.


Miss Bea Have

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