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Lolani SBS

Lifestyle BDSM/fetish model and prosub


I am Lolani.  I have been living the BDSM lifestyle for over 3 years and have been modelling for several months.  I have shot with shadowslaves, SarahStern, MissSvenson and many others

I love all forms of submission but spanking is at the top of my list.  I am trained in protocol so know how to behave with dominant men and my main aim is to ensure you are pleased as this is where I derive my pleasure from.

I have a private and discreet studio that I work from north of Birmingham, West Midlands and am also willing to travel but will only work from a secure studio with travel expenses covered.

Please do inform me of your ideal scenarios when contacting me so I can tailor your session to your specific needs.  Contact me at

I look forward to meeting and experiencing further kinky times with you and ensure a clean canvas to work on.

I do not provide any sexual services.

Love Lolani x


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