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 Naughty girl with long blonde hair and big blue eyes


My name is Angel.  I'm an exceptionally naughty little girl, with long blonde hair and big blue eyes and I look like butter wouldn't melt in my mouth.

I love getting in to trouble!  I've corrupted all the pretty girls and boys I can get my hands on, and what's better is that no-body ever suspects me because of my innocent looks.  The only thing I enjoy more than getting away with all the mischief I cause, is having someone bigger and stronger bend me over their lap and teach me how to behave.  Even if it makes me squeal and beg, I always respect people more when they don't put up with any of my nonsense and spank me until I promise to be a good girl again.

If you think you could wipe the smirk off my face and discipline my pert little bottom, I really need to hear from you!  I LOVE role playing!  My favourites include a wayward student and a high society brat who needs to be put in her place.  'Bitchy Bridesmaid', 'Irresponsible Littering Jogger' and 'Grumpy McDonalds Employee' are some other random role plays that are great fun if you fancy something a bit different.  I've got a wild imagination and can think up naughty scenarios in an instant, but I always love to be surprised by yours.

Please note that I DO NOT offer sexual services of any kind.

I am quite partial to switch sessions though, if you think you can handle my dominant side.  I make a strict head mistress or relative, and I'm quite creative at humiliating men, if that floats your boat!  I very much like playing with people who have cross dressing and foot fetishes too, and am quite open minded so if you have something in particular that you really want to try, just ask.

Think you can handle two beautiful bottoms at once?  I have several naughty girlfriends that I do 221's with too.  Be warned though: we can be big trouble!

I'm a slim size 8 with a tiny waist and I'm told I'm pretty hot stuff - in case you're worried that I only look good from the back ;) .

I work from Bristol and I visit London on occasion.  Drop me a line at for more details.

Rates for 121 play sessions are 200 for an hour, 300 for 1.5 or 350 for 2 hours. This includes venue hire with lots of spanking implements.

Hope to meet you soon!

Angel xx



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