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I am very naughty and just cannot behave


My name is Lana, Im an attractive, bright, witty lady in my mid- thirties, with red hair und big brown eyes, who is very naughty and just cannot behave.  A firm hand and a good punishment is what I need to show me that my actions have consequences.

Im 58 tall, size 10-12 with a curvy hourglass figure, full breasts, pale skin and juicy bottom that youd love to spank!

I enjoy role playing very much and have a vivid imagination so my head is full of naughty vicious scenarios to give my punishment a proper staging.  Im very curious about your role-play preferences but am also happy to indulge in non-role-play sessions, whereby we simply enjoy the thrills of spanking.

I love a proper, long over-the-knee-spankings, and also take a variety of implements such as leather paddles, hair brush, slipper, tawse, straps, flogger, crop and the cane.  I dread the cane but, at the same time, it is one of my favorite implements, because a thorough intense caning always puts me in my place, so I can be a good girl for a while again.  Each situation is very different; sometimes I need just a hard OTK spanking but other times my behavior is really bad and irresponsible and in such cases I deserve a long and severe cane punishment which results in a very sore bottom, pleading, groaning with pain and a few tears.

I am well-educated and smart and love to share a glass of wine at the beginning of a session to get to know each other a bit.  I also appreciate a good dinner and a decent conversation after the session as I usually get hungry after a proper trashing ;-).

I am delighted to switch and Im a very good teacher and very accurate with the cane, crop or tawse.  I enjoy playing strict and severe role as much as being the firm-but-fair disciplinarian, giving you a long sensual spanking.

Im located in Duesseldorf, Germany, so I address myself primarily to the gentlemen who work or have their business in Germany but Ill also be happy to travel to the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria or Switzerland.  Of course I would love to visit you in the United Kingdom, if you want me to.

I can visit you at your home or a hotel or a dungeon that you book.

Please note that I do not offer sexual services.

For further details and appointments please contact me by email at  

I look forward to having a very sore bottom soon!







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