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Lana Moon

Naughty young lady looking for new playmates


I'm Lana, a kinky naughty young lady looking for new playmates!

I'm really quite new to the scene but I have been learning fast with enough experience to know that spanking makes me giggle, and that I love the way it makes my bottom tingle!

I'm a petite ebony, with a slim figure and have (so I am told) a very beautiful, very spankable bottom.

I will sub or switch but I also like to dom big time.  I enjoy giving sensual warm ups over the knee, and making a spanking feel as good as possible - and I am very capable of administering severe punishment if required.

I also love taking a good spanking and having fun with play partners with a good sense of humour. So you have the choice of me being over your knee or you being over mine, with many options for scenario! I love dressing up and role play. I make a very convincing unruly student, lazy secretary, sadistic boss and many more.  My wardrobe contains uniforms and fetishwear such as corsets, latex and high heels. However I can also fulfill a more innocent role.  Whatever your spanking fantasy, together we can make it happen.

I have well equipped premises near the City with lots of implements and an excellent spanking bench.

Please note, I do not offer sexual services.

Are you ready to tell me your favourite scenario?  To enquire contact  When you make contact, please tell me what kind of role/scenario(s) you are interested in.

Lana xx



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