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Peachy bottom on an English rose

Hi, my name is Kaye.

I am in my mid 30s but luckily look a lot younger ;)  I am a 5ft 6 curvy girl with a passion for spanking. I am a spankee at heart but when in a different mood I also like to be in charge.

As a spankee I am naturally a bit cheeky. I enjoy more natural spankings as oppose to role plays. I feel emotions play a very big part.  A look, a touch, a tone of voice, the words, its all greatly adds to the experience.  I love it when a man is verbal during spanking; perhaps making me feel like I have been naughty.  I love a dominant man with a nurturing side with the need to teach me a lesson yet caring.  I do like being scolded as well while being spanked and I love contact positions especially OTK in its many shapes and forms.  I love the feel of someone's hand on my bottom and I love skin on skin contact.  I expect a bare bottom spanking but I do not go fully naked as standard.

The more dominant side to me is very much in control.  I am a spanker with a slightly nurturing side.  I like to punish naughty grown up boys for real transgressions . If you want to confess, feel you have a need to be forgiven for whatever reason or want to work your way to being rid of bad habits/attitude then I am your lady.  However, I also like to spank for fun if what you want is to explore, try new things, feel what its like to not be in control and experience the thrills of what being spanked can give you.  I will ensure that you feel not only the physical side, but the emotional side of embarrassment, nerves, vulnerability and more.

There are certainly two different sides to me but I do not switch in the same session.  I expect boundaries to be respected.  I only meet men who carry themselves as gentlemen and who understand the fun and boundaries within spanking.

Please note I do not offer any sexual services in any way, shape or form.  I will not engage in any spanking past a bright red, glowing bottom.

I am available for outcalls and occasionally can host.  Willing to travel anywhere within 30 miles.  I am sometimes able to host in a venue near Watford Junction Station which is a private house with a normal domestic setting.  I also know of a playroom as well run by a dom also near the station which can be hired direct by yourself should you prefer that setting.

My rate is 150 for 1 hour.  200 for 1.5 hours.  250 for 2 hours.

My email is  Please email me with your name, interests and session type/length.  If I am interested in meeting you I will provide you will my full terms within 24 hrs.  If what you seek is not what I can provide you will not receive a reply.

A small deposit will be required to show your dedication to our meet and to eliminate time wasters from those who are genuine.  I also require a face picture prior to meeting.  I do not meet blind. I am happy to exchange numbers upon confirming a meet :)

Hope to hear from you,

Kaye xoxo




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