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Emma Bishop

I am very naughty and wayward too

Hiya (fumbles with the hem of her skirt nervously...)

I'm an experienced spanking model and film actess who has appeared for some top websites, in roles such as naughty student, secretary, air stewardess and French maid.

Iím available for 121 spanking sessions and am looking for those who want a safe, quality, discreet experience. I will never switch, but I just concentrate on being the spankee of your dreams! I'm fun, friendly, feisty, flexible and fit ... but I am also very naughty and wayward too, so I would expect to find myself across your knee having my bare bottom soundly spanked!

I'm 5ft 7, size 12-14 and keep myself in trim by running.
I am used to being spanked, caned, strapped and slippered in domestic and other scenarios. I will work on any scenario of your choice to bring it to life, or you can just spank me for being obviously naughty and cheeky without a scene. The most important thing is that it's fun and you come away with a fantastic memory of a job well done!

I am available to meet at weekends, evenings, and occasional weekday day-times in London or North Birmingham with some advance notice. I have a regular venue in North Birmingham but not in London or elsewhere, so we would most usually meet a local hotel or venue that you will arrange. Once I know someone as a regular client I may be able to occasionally accommodate in Cambridgeshire. I am happy to travel to other parts of the UK, but this will be reflected in my tribute.

Please note that I do not offer any sexual services.

Please email in the first instance to and see my website: . It would be helpful if you could tell me what sort of scenario you would like and what your experience is, but this is not essential.
Looking forward to hearing from you!

Emma xx

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