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Very badly behaved wife

Dear Sirs

I am a submissive mature married lady, dark haired, half Italian, 5ft tall and size 10, based ib Surrey.

I have been a bad wife, having overspent by 120 on my credit card.  My Husband says I will have to earn it the hard way.  If you feel generous enough to assist me, I will have to make myself available to you.   I know my bottom will be viewed before punishment, made an example of, humiliated and receive a hard spanking/caning.

Dress code will be decided by you - uniform or stockings and suspenders.  If you wish to bend me over, please contact email .  

We will be alone for the up to two hours so no hurried punishment. I can switch if you desire.

Please note that no sexual services are provided.

Very scared

Yours Carmen.




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