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Bianca Burns

Buxom mediterranean beauty


I am Bianca Burns based in Barnet, North London.

I can be a very naughty girl who often needs firm punishment.  Maybe you, Sir, are just the person I need to keep me in line.  I can take a hard spanking and caning and I am excellent at role play.  In fact, I can be anything that you want me to be, Sir.

My rates are 180 for the first hours and 100 for each subsequent hour.  I do not offer a sexual service but I am willing to provide oral relief for an additional consideration.

To meet me, email giving details of your requirements and when you would like to meet.  I will send you a reply by email.  If you prefer, email your phone number and my friend Graham will contact you discreetly to make the arrangements.

Yours respectfully



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