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Young Scandinavian girl now in the UK


Astrid is a young Scandinavian girl whose adventures have led her to the UK, currently around the Bristol area.

She is a good hard working girl but often finds herself in trouble, which not so surprisingly has become a nickname of hers, as her mischievous demeanour easily shines through and simply can not help but being naughty one way or another.  However, her sweet and innocent look often distracts and lets her get away with a lot more than is good for her.  A firm hand is what she needs to ensure she knows her place and that her actions has consequences, and who knows, maybe you are just the person for the task?

Asking her to undress to her underwear is a sure sign that she knows she is trouble, creating the infamous feeling of shy nervousness while her body starts to awaken for what is to come.

Perhaps you are putting her over your knee telling her what a naughty girl she has been and that she needs to be punished before letting your hand smack her bottom that quickly turns a nice shade of pink.

Or maybe you are letting the flogger do the work on her.  Hearing the sound of the flogger sing through the air before hitting her curvy body, noticing her breathing quickening while small whimpers and gasps escapes her natural red lips.

Perhaps a paddle to complement her punishment, maybe even the cane?  Then she really has been a bad girl and is in big trouble.

Please be careful though as even a mischievous girl deserves a good warm up before the harder stuff is joining in.

This girl can also be quite cuddly and likes the gentle strokes along the way; the variety of sensation keeps her on her toes.

If you do feel you are the person with the firm hand she needs, you can contact her on  to find out more or book a session.

Please note that this girl does not offer any sexual services of any kind.





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