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Artemisia de Vine

Visiting Australian wants to experience Brit spanking


My name is Artemisia de Vine and I am delighted to be coming to London (and Woking) especially to experience the spanking and discipline scene.

I have always been a keen spanking switch.  Why as early as 10, my best friend and I formed a club with the local girls in which we insisted spanking was part of the initiation.  We had a cubby house in the Australian bush and a forked tree we used to have to poke our bottoms through to receive the delegated number of smacks.

When happy chance meant I met Zoe Montana and Molly Malone, I was introduced to the spanking scene as you Brits do it and felt as though I had found my people!  I have been offering professional spanking scenarios on both sides of the coin in Sydney for a few years but, in my mind, I have built up the stories of the English spanking scene as the ultimate spanking culture.  Now, thanks to the generosity of a client-friend and fellow spankophile, here I am coming to experience it for myself.

To me, there are an awful lot of different ways to approach spanking.  Role play, re-living past pleasures, strict discipline, embarassing dress downs, playful games and sometimes a slow sensual buildup that leaves one humming all over.  I love them all and happily switch in all scenarios.

Each of these styles will have their own props.  For some scenarios, white cotton knickers need to be just so...  For others, lingerie and stockings are more appropriate.  The right implement for the job matters too, whether it be a bare-bottom OTK hand spanking, traditional leather implements like the strap, taws or paddle or the right thickness of cane to match the misdemeanour.

In Australia I also operate as a professional Mistress.  I understand that there is a distinct difference in the culture surrounding the domestic-style spanking scene and BDSM, however, being well versed in both areas gives me an open-minded advantage if you would like to blur the edges somewhat.  I like taking my time to tease out the intention and desired effect of each spanking partner over a cup of tea before we begin.  Building repoire is an essential part of a satisfying experience.

I will be conducting sessions in London and Woking between 11 October and 10 November.  You will need to contact me directly to arrange specific dates at either venue.  Pre-booking essential because on days I am not bent over a desk or sofa, or dishing out discipline, I will be out exploring London like a proper tourist.

I have written a blog about my trip here that includes links to my spanking gallery, stories about my adventures conditioning my bottom in preparation for this trip, spanking stories, spanking parties I have hosted and attended and much more.  You can also join my mailing list to keep in touch with the latest.  I will continue to blog about this trip as it unfolds.  I also accept submissions from those who like to write their own spanking stories and publish the best ones on my site.

Best contact: 

You can find more on my web site but ignore the Australian prices while I am in the UK. The spanking information is here.


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