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I am switching and subbing this spring!

I met up with the fabulous spankee Sam Johnson a little while ago to go to a rock club. I hadn't been to one since my teenage years (we took these pictures before going out)!  We had an absolutely boisterous time! There is one more thing that night that my good friend reminded me... just how much I love being spanked and how much I miss it since I started strictly Domming.

Thus... I am giving myself and willing adept spanking gentlemen, a treat this spring. I will be open to invitations to sub or switch for as long as the fresh buds of spring and the scent of new blooms are in the air.  My bottom shall join their descent upwards and I shall be over your knee.  Whether it's sensuous spanking (please see the lingerie image) or dressed up scenarios, I cannot wait!

Just to warn you, I am very disobedient, quite mischievous and a can be a handful.  I can though give as good as I get and even more.  By this I mean, my bottom not being used to punishment for so long, cannot take a canning (no exceptions), but oh am I good at being accurate and forceful should the need take the gentleman.

So grab my naughty bottom before the spring swelters into summer!

No I do not offer sexual service. NO not even a bit. 

Tribute is 200 for an hour, 250 for 1.5 or 320 for 2 hours. This includes venue hire in central London with lots of spanking implements. Contact me on or have a look at my website for more.

I shall await your request!

xxx Ms. A.


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