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 I am a very bad girl who is not easy to control


My name is April and I am a very bad girl who is not easy to control.  I can be wild so you have to teach me to be good.  I am 5'5, Size 14-16.

I am happy to be punished by man, woman or couple.  I can also indulge in a party or group spanking but this needs to be discussed in advance.

While I enjoy being spanked, it should not be very hard.  You can use your hand or most implements on me provided that you do not leave any marks.  You can also use implements on my hand or the soles of my feet.  We can discuss more details before the session

I also enjoy role play including the careless secretary, cheating wife, captured criminal, messy maid, petulant princess or naughty student.  So let your imagination run wild.

Please note I do not offer any sexual or personal services of any kind, so please don't ask.  And I am clothed in my spanking sessions; minimum of underwear for top.  No full nudity.  Also, no pictures or video making.

I am based in London but I can travel.  I don't have my own place so you need to rent the hotel.

Please email me to discuss the price and details: 

April xx


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