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 I have pale skin that glows a beautiful red with a spanking


After a short break from spanking, I am back to receive punishments for my seriously bad behaviour.

I am a very naughty English girl who is well educated, a size 10-12 with a very curvy bottom.  I have a pale complexion that glows a beautiful red after an over the knee spanking.  I'm 29 years old, though I am often mistaken for looking a lot younger due to my innocent looks so don't be fooled my cuteness because I can be very naughty indeed.

I was the very misbehaving type at school, quite often getting detention and told to leave the classroom for distracting other pupils.  I hated authority and I did everything I could to rebel.  Now it would seem that I love to be punished for all of my bad behaviour.  I enjoy role plays, especially naughty student, misbehaving secretary or nurse.

I am happy to do most scenarios and if you have been very naughty then I can switch too.  I am very accurate with the cane and other implements if you would like to receive punishment from me.

I am available for 1-1s in London and Essex.  I also offer 2-1 sessions with Jess or Aaliyah if you're up to the challenge of spanking two naughty girls at once!

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More photos available on my blog.

If you require my telephone number or would like face pictures then please feel free to ask me

NOTE: I do not offer any sexual services


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