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Anna-Maria and Sabrina

 Two naughty, black girlfriends in need of discipline

Hello there, 

Our names are Anna-Maria and Sabrina.  We are two London-based naughty, black bisexual girlfriends in need of discipline.

We are seeking a male or female disciplinarian to control us and cure us of our wayward habits . We can take a good spanking really relish fine art of discipline.  The sessions that we offer are specifically made for you and for your pleasure.

Just to let you know that we love what we do and this is our whole lifestyle. 

We can also switch for those of you that feel the need to be spanked by two lovely ladies.

We would be happy to chat on phone to ensure that our time spent together is dedicated to our scenario.  So please call us on 07538 077385 and letís discuss any type of role play we are happy to play.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Anna-Maria and Sabrina

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