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 I am the kind of girl.....

I'm the kind of girl whose wide eyes beg you to reconsider her punishment.  I'm the kind of girl who trembles and wells up at disappointing you.  I'm the kind of girl who scowls at the ground and refuses to meet your eyes in helpless fury at being caught.  I'm the kind of seductress that suggests the matter be settled 'another way' as she unbuttons her shirt.  The kind of girl who cries out and tries to squirm away from your hand.  The kind of girl who spits and swears at you, or whimpers helplessly, as you hold her wrists and hurt her.  I'm the kind of girl who tries to stay perfectly still for you so you'll be proud of her.

Who might you be, Sir?

By day, I am a fresh-faced, high-achieving graduate embarking on a new city career, so currently I only get to enjoy very few meet-ups, but I am determined to make the most of what little personal time I have left to explore my fantasies!  As such, I am generally available weekday evenings and weekends, for the meantime, and usually use a discrete domestic apartment in central London.

My favourite implement of punishment is your hand.  It's the intimacy of direct touch that makes me blush, and teasing strokes that make me wriggle my bottom on your lap.  I am afraid of the cane, but if you are very gentle I'll try not to cry.

I am 5'8", slim (size 8) and I have long, dark hair with natural big curls (but it's sometimes straight).  I'm in my early 20s and I come from a family of models and I like to keep in shape, but I've always been the shy one when it comes to that sort of thing.  I am English, educated, bright, well-spoken and demure.

I like to be able to slip into a role and to earnestly feel the guilt, fear and humiliation (and shameful excitement), especially if we are able to build on our relationship and our D/s roles over time.  I love to dress up, and I have practically every outfit you can imagine.  Or perhaps you have something you'd like me to wear?

If we switch, I am a wicked, giggling little girl, or a sarcastic, sneering seductress, who is more than happy to get her own back!

You can contact me at if you'd like to arrange a meeting.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

Check out my blog, Ana's secret diary.

Please note, I do not offer any sexual services.



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