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The relief of being throughly punished is what I crave

Hello there, I'm Adele...

I'm 22 and I have just graduated from a degree in History of Art, and now I'm in London and very excited to explore all the temptations it has to offer.  Of course, as an easily tempted young lady I could often benefit from a reminder - a firm hand to guide me back towards the straight and narrow.

I'm public-school educated, English and, whilst it feels horribly immodest to say, I'm told that I'm very pretty.  My figure is that of a classic English rose, with pale skin, full breasts, hips and bottom and a tiny waist.

I can be the kind of girl who looks like butter wouldn't melt, pleading, bottom lip trembling as I beg you not to stripe my round bottom with a cane.  But I'm also the kind of girl who pours herself into stockings, suspenders and a corset and bites her bright red lip, glancing up through her eyelashes to challenge you.

I have been playing on the scene for several years now, and I pride myself on a decent tolerance and a wicked imagination.  But that's only the beginning.

Our time together will of course involve a sore bottom, whimpering, pleading and perhaps a few tears.  But it will encompass so much more than that. It's about building a connection. That might be through a thoughtful role play - French maids, prisoners and bratty females are a few of my specialities (I do love to dress up) or perhaps I could ask you to discipline me for real life transgressions?  When I've been naughty the relief of being throughly punished is what I crave.

After all, we already share a deliciously naughty secret: a preoccupation with turning bottoms the perfect shade of pink (or, if I've been very naughty, red!).  I love discussing the psychology of this wonderful, illicit English vice and postulating about quite how we come to enjoy it.

I've often wondered how I ended up so interested in spankings - why I begged my first boyfriend to put me over his knee (he refused) prompting a life long preference for older men?  I still can't answer that question.  All I know is that as soon as I meet with a dominant man I can't help much ache to wriggle over his lap and feel his firm hand on my round, pale bottom.

Could the next knee that I have the privilege to go over by yours?

NB:I am very privacy conscious and take both of our confidentiality extremely seriously.

I am delighted to switch.  My specialities are power crazed head girls, cane wilding school mistresses and Governesses.

Note that I do not offer sexual services.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch - 


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