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Iíve always been attracted to authority figures

Hello, my name is Addison and I'm dipping my toes into the world of corporal punishment after being away for some time.

I'm in my early twenties, 5'7 with long light brown hair.  You can see from my photos I am a slim yet curvy size 10/12 with a pert bottom just waiting to be reddened.  I am naturally submissive and there is nothing I crave more than a dominant gentleman to show me my place.

During the week I work in the City and have a lot of responsibility for someone so young.  Part of being submissive is about letting go of everything in the outside world where I can be your perfect submissive woman, little pet, maid or secretary.  My aim is to serve and please you and I enjoy being punished and humiliated when I've been naughty.

Iíve always been attracted to authority figures, men in suits and dominant gentlemen.  This has included many fantasies about my friends' fathers and even my boss!  My favourite fantasy revolves around bare handed spanking - I love the intimacy of that kind of punishment.  I also enjoy the flogger, paddle, strap, belt, slipper and tawse.  Nothing scares me more than the cane, but if you are gentle Iíll try to endure it for you.

Servitude and pleasing you is what I offer you so if a particular punishment pleases you, I may just enjoy it too.  I adore dressing up for you.  I have an array of outfits and clothing including elegant dresses, lingerie and corsets, maidís outfit,  pyjamas, and a large collection of latex dresses.

I am available in Central London most evenings and weekends.  I would love for you to contact me at

Whether you would like a one-off, one of a kind experience or a regular, evolving D/s dynamic, Iíd love to hear from you. 

Please note that I do not offer any sexual services.


Addison xx





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