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Spanking Parties

There is a thriving and high-quality party scene in the UK where gentlemen spankers can pay a modest fee for a pleasant afternoon or evening of spanking entertainment, often with excellent buffet food thrown in.  Apart from the creating an atmosphere for everyone to socialise, parties include the opportunity for hands-on fun with the girls. All the girls at spanking parties are over 18 years of age.

There are 3 main types of parties. Although organisers may use different titles, it is usually very clear which type of party is being offered.  Male Dom parties are where the gentlemen spank the girls. Switch parties are where gentlemen spank the girls, and, if they wish, be spanked by the girls. Fem Dom parties are where the girls spank the gentlemen.

As to exact content of a party, each organiser has their own variation. But as an example, at a Male Dom party, after the intitial socialising, the action may start by each gentlemen giving an over-the-knee hand spanking to all the girls in turn. Then the action continues with the gentlemen using implements, again applied to each of the girls. The implements, supplied by the organisers, can be paddles, straps, tawses, etc. Usually, following a break, the action moves on to a climax by the gentleman giving each of the girls a number of strokes with a cane. 

Parties vary in numbers of people taking part, and the proportion of girls to gentlemen. Some party organisers prefer smaller numbers of 9 to 12 gentlemen, others have parties of 30 gentlemen or more. The proportion of gentlemen to girls varies between different organisers, from 2 gentlemen to each girl (referred to as '2 to1' ratio) to 3 or 4 gentlemen for each girl. As an example, a party of 12 gentlemen with a 2 to 1 ratio, will have 6 girls. If the same party has a 3 to 1 ratio, then only 4 girls. Cost of parties vary according to content, but generally 2 to1 parties cost more but provide the highest level of action. 

Many parties have a theme, in which the girls dress to a particular scenario. Maids, secretaries, beach babes, and nurses, are just some of the themes used. Remember all the girls go to parties because they enjoy being spanked.   


Parties are organised by the clubs, the main ones of which are listed below with contact details. Most clubs have websites, just click on the link to load their site home page. Other contact details are also given. There are also parties, organised by individuals, who invite gentlemen directly. 

Please mention Spankeefinder when contacting clubs

Spankeefinder provides this information to be helpful to the spanking community but takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information.  Contact the organiser to confirm details.

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Club name/ Link to web site Location of parties Contact details for parties
2 Kings London (North and Central)
Mike: 07887 762477
Birchrod Club SW London 

0785 768 9615

Bottoms Up Parties  London

Leia 07595 738626

Hawthornes Central London
Manchester CP Parties

Buffy Brown 07958 138866

Moonglow Club London and Birmingham
 033 33 210 142

New Grange Manor Farnborough
Northern Spanking Scotland (Glasgow)
Heathrow  Brad, ( Organiser):  07812 631953
John ( Event Management) 07958 386888

Spanking Times


Pete or Richard on  
07594 054 306.  Email:
North London
Stinging Tails Birmingham & Bristol
or call  07763 870 589

Party organisers, please email me it you want your club and parties to be listed in the tables above.

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